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Original title  : The Greatest Showman (2017)
Budget  : $84000000
Written by  : 
Starring  : Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Zendaya
Popularity  : 425.145609
Production company  : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Chernin Entertainment
Distributed by  : United States of America
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The story of American showman P.T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous traveling Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

After close to a decade in development, the Hugh Jackman-headlined musical The Greatest Showman finally made it to the screen this month. One big selling point of the film was its original music numbers, but director Michael Gracey has revealed to Den of Geek that 20th Century Fox was originally pushing for a ‘jukebox musical’, incorporating popular, pre-existing songs rather than original compositions.

“There was a time when there was a lot of pressure to do it as a jukebox musical because then you know that people already love the songs. If you’re using hit songs, you’re halfway home. But Hugh and myself felt really strongly about creating an original musical with all original songs, and that one decision meant years and years and years of work trying to find the right people.

Currently, Michael Gracey should be best-known for being the director of The Greatest Showman, which is a period musical about P.T. Barnum, who is still remembered for having founded the Barnum & Bailey Circus. It is interesting to note that the movie was Gracey’s directorial debut, but it seems that he already has a number of other directorial jobs lined up for him. Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Michael Gracey: Started Out in Visual Effects It is interesting to note that Gracey started out as someone who worked with visual effects.

I haven’t personally seen The Greatest Showman, but I’ve heard very mixed reviews from various critics, including our own Orestes Adam here on The Hollywood News. Well, the Hugh Jackman-led movie was originally set to be a jukebox musical – a story revolving around existing songs – rather than one containing 100% original music.

The film’s director, Michael Gracey, recently caught up with Den Of Geek in the UK to talk about the movie, which is where he revealed this key detail of the film’s direction.

“There was a time when there was a lot of pressure to do it as a jukebox musical because then you know that people already love the songs. If you’re using hit songs, you’re halfway home.

This review was originally published in Nathaniel’s column at Towleroad. It is reprinted here in slightly altered form…

If you take film critics, Rotten Tomatoes, or any review aggregate site seriously you might think that future Oscar contender The Post (86%) is a pricey gift from Santa Spielberg that’s come exquisitely wrapped for Christmas. You might also believe that the new Hugh Jackman musical The Greatest Showman (51%) is an oversized lump of coal fouling up your otherwise pretty stocking. Don’t fall for that anti-fun / theme=worth messaging; See both for a well-rounded holiday week at the movies.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi continued to dominate the box office over the Christmas holiday, bringing in an additional $100.7 million over the extended weekend. This gives the film an impressive two-week total of $397.3 million. Debuting in a distant second place was Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle with a decent $55.4 million to show for its opening weekend.

Another sequel opening this past weekend was Pitch Perfect 3 to the tune of $26.5 million. Although this is presumably the end of the current iteration of the Bellas, a healthy showing at the box office could lead to further adventures. Hugh Jackman’s latest film, The Greatest Showman brought in $14 million over the holiday weekend to bring its elongated opening week total to $18.6 million. The animated, family-oriented Ferdinand closes out the holiday top five earning $9.7 million, to bring its two-week total to $29.2 million.

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