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Samson (2018) Full Movie

Samson Full Movie: After numerous films attempting to persuade its religious audiences that God indeed exists (God’s Not DeadThe Case for Christ, etc.), Pure Flix Entertainment has decided to go directly to the source. Mining the territory that fueled so many cheesy Hollywood epics, Samson represents the umpteenth retelling of the particular biblical tale that has the box-office advantage of featuring plenty of sex and violence. Unfortunately, this effort that all too clearly reveals its low budget is unlikely to erase anyone’s memories of Cecil B. DeMille’s Samson and Delilah or any other versions of the story. The faithful will support it to some degree, but the film’s best hope for commercial success is attracting theatergoers unable to get into sold-out Black Panther screenings.

Taylor James, whose most notable prior screen credit is Atlantean Military Messenger (uncredited) in Justice League, plays the title role. He’s certainly got the requisite brawny, chiseled physique, looking awfully impressive shirtless smiting Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Unfortunately, what God has bestowed in looks He hath taketh away in charisma, with the result that James’ performance is more wooden than Victor Mature’s. And that’s saying something.

Of course, in biblical epics it’s usually the villains who garner the most attention, as evidenced by Stephen Boyd in Ben-Hur and Yul Brynner in The Ten Commandments (Charlton Heston starred in both, if you’re sensing a pattern). That’s certainly the case here, with Billy Zane as the Philistines’ King Balek and Jackson Rathbone as his diabolical son Rallah. Both seem to be having a fine old time here. Zane sports a bald pate and round face, bearing such an uncanny resemblance to Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now that you expect him to whisper, The horror…the horror. Rathbone, a veteran of the Twilight series who has the perfect last name for a screen villain, camps it up unmercifully and entertainingly, wearing lavish eyeliner to signal that his character is up to no good.

The cast also includes the Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner, and everyone’s favorite replicant, Rutger Hauer, as Samson’s parents. The veteran performers do their best with such silly moments as when Samson, sounding like a college student who’s just returned from backpacking in Europe, tells his folks, I met a girl! Needless to say, they’re not exactly thrilled when he goes on to inform them that the object of his desire, Taren (Frances Sholto-Douglas), is a Philistine.

Samson [2018]

Despite the limitations of their obviously limited budget, the makers of Watch Samson Full Movie strive mightily to provide the scope and sweep of an Old Hollywood biblical epic while offering their take on the classic tale about a mighty hero who falls from grace after a tonsorial malfunction. Unfortunately, there’s nothing miraculous about this latest product from Pure Flix Entertainment, an outfit that’s recently scored considerably greater success with such modern-day faith-based fare as Woodlawn, God’s Not Dead and The Case for Christ. Even if you’re willing to forgive the laughably fake beards, the unconvincing computer-generated imagery, and a man-versus-lion skirmish that might have embarrassed Ed Wood, the overall clunkiness of this enterprise may tempt you to shout rude things at the screen.

In the title role, British-born beefcake Taylor James certainly looks buff enough to pass muster as a divinely enhanced brawler, most notably when Samson Full Movie lays waste to scores of Philistine soldiers while armed only with the jawbone of an ass. (Here and elsewhere, James resembles nothing so much as a living and breathing version of a Frank Frazetta illustration.) And he takes full advantage of a few opportunities to crack wise while Samson and his kid brother, Caleb (Greg Kriek), misbehave like a couple of Old Testament bros.

Throughout most of the movie, however, James is glumly serious, if not downright sullen, as Samson grapples with the challenge of being a Chosen One charged with protecting his fellow Israelites against their Philistine oppressors. Truth to tell, Samson would rather be just a regular dude, free to follow his heart and marry Taren (Frances Sholto-Douglas), a Philistine beauty. But his parents (Rutger Hauer, Lindsay Wagner) insist that they, and God, know what’s best for him: He must fulfill his destiny as a holy warrior because, well, with great power comes great responsibility. And heaven knows that, for as long as he doesn’t cut his hair, Samson is pretty doggone powerful. Just ask those Philistine soldiers who were at the wrong end of that jawbone.

Directed by Bruce Macdonald from a screenplay credited to Jason Baumgardner, Galen Gilbert, Timothy Ratajczak and Zach Smith, Samson feels like a long movie that’s been cut down from a much longer one, or maybe even a miniseries. The continuity is ragged, the pacing is bumpy — and on more than one occasion, everything seems to be building up to a commercial break.

If the campiness quotient were a bit higher, Samson might have compensated for its flaws by qualifying as a guilty pleasure. Alas, Caitlin Leahy comes across as too sincere to be sultry as Delilah, the scissors-wielding vixen who diminishes the hirsute Israelite. Billy Zane, who’s usually good for some robust scenery-chewing, dials it down too many notches as King Balek, the Philistine tyrant who refuses to accept Samson’s God, or any other deity, as a superior authority. Only Jackson Rathbone as Rallah, Balek’s effetely ferocious and fatally ambitious son, attempts the sort of extreme overplaying that can give an otherwise stolid biblical epic some nondenominational appeal.