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Mom and Dad (2018)

A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes parents to turn violently on their own kids.

Described by some critics as “Home Alone” on bath salts, “Mom and Dad” is one of those movies that doesn’t have the potential to be on anyone’s must-see list. Why? While the movie hasn’t come out yet, so no one really knows everything about it, the trailer is enough to make most people turn the other way. While Nic Cage has been in quite a few bombs in the past, this one really takes the cake when it comes to the movie world.

It’s described as a “jet black comedy,” and that would certainly be an accurate description of the content of the first trailer for Mom And Dad – the latest film from the man who brought you Crank. While Nicolas Cage movies can notoriously vary wildly in quality, hopes are high for this seeming subversion of contagion-in-suburbia thrillers.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the project, it follows teenager Carly Ryan (Anne Winters), who finds herself having to outwit her mother and father – Brent (Nicolas Cage) and Kendall (Selma Blair) – when some kind of mass hysteria descends upon their suburb and makes parents brutally murder their own children. As chaos continues to erupt around them, Carly and her younger brother must survive a relentless onslaught from their enraged forebears.

Sneak Peek new footage, plus images from the upcoming dark comedy thriller “Mom and Dad”, written and directed by Brian Taylor, starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, opening January 19, 2018:

“…a teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours during which a mass hysteria of unknown origins causes all parents to turn violently on their own kids…”

Cast also includes Anne Winters, Zackary Arthur, Olivia Crocicchia and Brionne Davis.

Mom and Dad is a survival thriller from director Brian Taylor (Crank). The film’s story envisions a world where parents have turned on their children. The result is nationwide violence. Mom and Dad stars: Oscar award winner Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Lance Henriksen and many others. This title is slated for a United States’ release, in mid-January. And, the first trailer, for Mom and Dad is available now. The hysteria only lasts for 24 hours. Similar to The Purge (2013) series of films, violence runs rampant for a short period of time. Children must run or hide as chaos ensues. The first trailer will give fans of thrillers a decent preview of the widespread horror. Mom and Dad will show in theatres and on Video-on-demand. This title will begin a release on January 19th. It will make appearances at a few select theatres, with specific cities to be announced soon.

Momentum Pictures just sent us the first official trailer for the highly anticipated horror, comedy “Mom and Dad”. “Mom and Dad” stars Oscar winner Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona), Selma Blair (Hellboy, Cruel Intentions), Anne Winters (“13 Reasons Why,” #RealityHigh), and Zackary Arthur (“Transparent,” The 5th Wave). Written and directed by Brian Taylor […]

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