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Braven [2018]

A logger defends his family from a group of dangerous drug runners.

Newfoundland, Canada. We meet Joe Braven (Jason Momoa), who’s a logger and is in charge of his own logging company. Braven gets done loading the logs on a logging truck and knocks on the window of his young co-worker Weston (Brendan Fletcher), who’s getting off to a magazine. Braven tells Weston to stay safe, while delivering the logs to a logging place and Weston tells him he always does.

Meanwhile, Braven arrives home, where he throws a snowball at his daughter Charlotte (Sasha Rossof), surprising her. Joe’s wife, Stephanie (Jill Wagner) comes out of nowhere and throws a snowball. Braven chuckles and picks up Stephanie, kissing her and Charlotte.

He then goes to see his dad Linden (Stephen Lang), who’s suffering from Dementia, after a workplace accident. Braven asks his dad if he remember what he came for and Linden can’t remember, Braven tells him Christmas lights. Later on in the day, Braven goes to his daughter’s room, reading her a bedtime story and telling her to turn the light out.

We see a drunk Linden, who goes to a bar and tries to pick up a woman he thinks is his wife. This prompts the other people to start a fight with Linden. Braven arrives to the rescue and dispatches the guys, knocking them out. Linden is in the hospital and Charlotte vists him. Linden doesn’t remember anything.

We then cut to Weston, who’s dropping off the logs, and this is when we meet drug trafficker Hallett (Zahn McClarnon), who starts cussing at Weston for doing the wrong thing and why doesn’t he begin the right thing, bringing other drivers in on the drug deal. Weston calmly tells Hallett he doesn’t care, and won’t involve anyone else. He just wants to collect his money, and before he can finish his sentence. Weston crashes the truck, where the logs and cocaine go all over the place.

Jason Momoa takes no prisoners in this intense action-thriller. When Joe (Momoa) and his father (Stephen Lang) arrive at their remote hunting cabin, they’re hoping for a quiet weekend. What they find is a stash of heroin, hidden in the cabin by drug traffickers. When the criminals suddenly descend upon the cabin, Joe and his father must make a kill-or-be-killed stand for survival.

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