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Release Date: 2018-08-09
Rating: G

Original title  : El ángel
Directed by  : Luis Ortega
Written by  : Sergio Olguín, Luis Ortega
Starring  : Lorenzo Ferro, Chino Darín, Cecilia Roth, Luis Gnecco, Peter Lanzani, Mercedes Morán, Daniel Fanego, Malena Villa
Popularity  : 4.414
Production company  : El Deseo, Kramer & Sigman Films, Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, Underground Producciones
Distributed by  : Argentina, Spain
Translations  : English, Français, Pусский, 한국어/조선말
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Buenos Aires, 1971. Carlitos is a seventeen-year-old with movie star swagger, blond curls and a baby face. As a young boy, he coveted other people’s things, but it wasn’t until his early adolescence that his true calling—to be a thief— manifested itself. When he meets Ramon at his new school, Carlitos is immediately drawn to him and starts showing off to get his attention. Together they will embark on a journey of discovery, love and crime.

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